Glass & Resin

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Caring for Your Resin Art

  • Resin is an art and each piece is made by hand from the heart and soul
    of the artist. As such, there may be small imperfections in the piece
    and that is what adds to the charm and uniqueness of each piece.
  • Display your art out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Not
    intended for outdoor use.
  • Keeping resin pieces clean is very simple: just treat it like glass. Use a
    gentle glass cleaner and a soft cloth and polish as you would glass.
  • Resin may slightly discolor over time. The resin used is derived from
    museum conservation-grade materials and UV stabilizer that helps to
    delay natural ambering which may appear over time. Some factors may
    cause this to happen faster, such as prolonged exposure to direct
    sunlight or extreme heat, storing in a dark unventilated space or
    exposure to smoke.
  • When storing the best material to use against the surface of your art piece is glassine art paper (parchment paper, freezer paper or kraft paper works too, but be aware they are not acid free). Glassine art paper is smooth, glossy, acid-free and will protect the resined surface without scratching or sticking. Once your piece is protected with glassine, you can pad it with poly foam to provide cushioning. You can further pad your piece with fabric and cardboard or foam core for extra protection.
  • If you choose to use bubble wrap, DO NOT use it directly on your artwork as a first layer - use it as exterior padding only. Always make sure the flat side is facing in and the bubble side is facing out, otherwise there is a chance the bubbles may leave an impression.
  • Do not store in a hot attic or cold basement.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your new art piece!