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Air Fresheners are for your vehicles, closets, gym lockers and drawers.  These work best in warm spaces and last for 4 weeks or longer depending on conditions.  You can choose your fragrance and choose which design you want on your air freshener. 

Available fragrances include:

Apple Orchard - Crisp, juicy apple scent!

Basil Sage Mint - These three green notes from mother natures garden combine beautifully to make a surprisingly wonderful fragrance.

Boomshakalaka This is a fruity tropical blend that will make you feel like you are right on the beach. 

Cedar & SaffronA warm woody blend of cedar, warm musk and sandalwood with a hint of patchouli; middle notes of saffron, clove with a touch of sun-ripened berries. 

Cinnamon Stick - Remember the big red candy that was so hot, you had to switch it from cheek to cheek to avoid the burn?

Coconut Bay - Citrus burst, tamarind fruit, coconut juice, coconut crème, and vanilla crème.

Espresso - Smooth, creamy coffee with undernotes of cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of milk.

Fruit LoopsThis deliciously nostalgic blend is sure to put a smile on your face.  Yes, it is just like cereal.

Hot NightsA rich and mysterious blend of citrus and herbs with earthy lavender, violet petals, and cedar leaf on a woody base of pine needles, moss, and forest accord.

Lavender & Spring ApricotA brisk blend of citrus, herbal earth tones and musk.  

Lemongrass & Star Anise - A clean combination of lemon grass and anise. The floral heart consists of neroli, orange blossom, rose and jasmine. 

Lemon PuckerTart zingy lemon that'll make your lips pucker when you smell it! A true lemon zest, like a just squeezed lemon!

Lilac BushThe sweet smell of lilac bushes blooming is a sure sign that spring is here!

Luxe Linen - A luxurious, soft linen with sweet notes of blended herbal tea and undertones of sandalwood.

Mahogany Teakwood - Mahogany and teakwood intertwine with hints of lavender and rosy nuances of geranium. Resinous cedarwood and oak wood blend together to enhance and complete this fragrance.

Northwoods - Traditional fragrance of pine trees.

Spiced Cranberry - A crisp tart cranberry with a spicy flair.

SunflowerStunning floral perfume spray with just the right mix of ozone notes, a really lovely scent!

Vanilla Grapefruit - A fresh, crisp scent of grapefruit is delightfully blended with the sweetness of vanilla to create a magnificent mix.



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