The Myths of Palm Oil and Palm Wax Debunked

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Palm wax candles are becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits and versatility of palm oil. This oil is extracted from the fruit of palm trees in Africa and South America and made into a variety of items like candles, soaps, cosmetic items and more. While there are many myths passed around concerning the sustainability of palm wax, it's important to know the true benefits of this type of candle and why you should buy some today and change your candle experience for the better.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Palm wax is environmentally friendly and clean burning, not letting any unnatural materials or chemicals into the air. This natural wax is used abundantly in cosmetic items due to its hypoallergenic features and in candles because it can be molded into beautiful shapes. This type of wax has taken off recently but still faces myths and concerns about deforestation and how it impacts the environment.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has begun to partner with suppliers to ethnically source and cultivate palm oil. This has helped to dramatically decrease deforestation and elevate talk of the many benefits of using palm wax candles. Palm wax is one of the best alternatives to petroleum-based waxes like paraffin, which aren't great on the sustainability scale. Even the popular soy candles don't rate well for the environment based on how much land space they need to grow and the additives they require to smell and look beautiful.

Palm wax candles are a great alternative to other candles and provide a clean burning experience that's hard to beat. As more companies and producers of palm wax join the RSPO and adopt sustainable and renewable measures, more palm wax will be readily available in a variety of scents and designs.

The RSPO and their role

The RSPO was created in the early 2000s to make environmentally friendly initiatives and standards to better harvest and distribute palm oil. By creating standards for companies to follow, these distributors were then recognized as Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) organizations. This dramatically changed the culture of harvesting and allowed this oil to be explored ethnically and with care toward wildlife and nearby communities.

Under these guidelines, additional focus was given to safeguarding social interests like community members and towns. By aiming to supply global food demand and food prices, this roundtable made great leaps in changing the sustainability and ethical use of this oil. Instead of focusing on growing palm trees to be harvested without care for the environment or deforestation, the RSPO created initiatives to follow to raise awareness and better, sustainable practices.

Our palm wax is sourced from CSPO distributors who are certified in producing and shipping sustainable and eco-friendly palm oil. It's essential moving forward to ensure the waxes and oils you use around the home are renewable and are doing more to help the environment than harm it like other waxes on the market today.

Many benefits of natural wax

Palm wax is a natural, plant-made wax that can be made into excellent candles. Unlike other types of wax, palm is unique in the feathering and stylistic designs it creates in candles. Rather than the stoic single color wax like soy that doesn't have any naturally occurring designs, palm is aesthetically pleasing and melds beautifully with natural color dyes and scents for an immersive experience.

Since this type of wax is a natural hard wax, it makes for great votive and pillar candles with a longer burn time than other waxes. There's also no soot in the wax from palm trees, which helps to avoid discoloration and smoke that may stain walls or be unpleasant to breathe. There are a number of benefits of natural wax that make palm a superior candle when compared to other waxes like soy or paraffin that may burn faster, contain unnatural additives and create a soot ring or marks on furniture.

More renewable than other waxes

Palm wax candles have seen new incredible heights of renewability due to RSPO and their certifications of sustainable practices. Thanks to their continued improvement of global standards that affect where and how palm oil is harvested, the environmental impact is continuing to lessen and improve. Many types of waxes including petroleum-based paraffin and soy are still struggling to meet safety and sustainability standards.

With active awareness of the global and community impact of farming and harvesting palm oil, more communities, workers and companies are able to benefit and live safely. Since the creation of RSPO and the rush of loyal stakeholders and companies that started to follow their ethical standards, palm oil harvesting has improved and become a major multi-talented type of wax in the ever-expanding and improving global market. Choose a wax that's constantly being monitored and improved today in order to help the environment prosper while still providing candle and beauty enthusiasts like you a great natural wax.

Abundance of customization options

Palm wax candles can also come in a range of customization options with feather and crystal patterns that are hard to find naturally in other types of waxes. Fantastic designs can appear in the candles once they're cooled very slowly during the hardening process without any additives, which keeps the candle natural, biodegradable and compostable. Oil-soluble and natural scents and colors can often be added during the process for a beautiful unique look that lasts longer than other candles and smells wonderful.

It's important to choose a type of wax that suits your aesthetic and scented needs. Palm wax candles have a higher burning point and create naturally wonderful designs while other candles may burn faster and not have as much style without harmful artificial additives. This type of candle is a great choice for those looking for something new in their home that comes with an unlimited number of benefits and customization options.


Palm wax candles have made great eco-friendly strides in recent years as more sustainable practices were put in place by RSPO and its companion companies. This has enabled palm oil to be more widely distributed and enjoyed while preserving the environment and the working conditions of those who harvest and refine the product. Palm wax candles are clean burning, made from natural plant-based wax and renewable. Try a new type of candle today and realize how useful and beautiful palm wax could be in your home.

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